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AGE: From 3 years old From this age on See PRODUCT information

Subcategory: ESSENTIALS

Price: HK$39



Large sponge soaked in washable, non-toxic ink. For painting, inking stamps or making prints wherever you want. Create freely, leave your mark!

15cm diameter sponge which enables you to ink large stamps. Several colours to choose from. Each sold separately. Great for being creative with stamps, painting with ink or leaving prints (feet, hands, try it with your pets paw prints). Non-toxic, washable ink.

To avoid the unlikely appearance of adverse reactions when used on the skin, apply the dye and wait for 30 minutes. If no reaction occurs, the dye is safe for use. Ingredients: Water, DMDM hydantoin, bronopol, biphenyl-2-ol, vegetable oil-base anti-foaming agent, diffusion complies with FDA requirements, denatonium benzoate, calcium carbonate, cosmetic/pharmaceutical grade xanthan gum, glycerine BP, yellow pigment 74, titanium dioxide rutile, red pigment 170, blue pigment 15:1, green pigment 7, black pigment 7, orange pigment 5, violet pigment 19 (red), violet pigment 19 (blue), monopropylene glycol, sodium acrylate/acrylamide polymer, white mineral oil (oil), Poly(oxi-1.2-ethanodiol), alpha-tridecyl-omega-hydroxy.

  • Height : 1.50cm
  • Width: 18.20cm
  • Depth: 18.20cm
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  • Encourages:
    Manual skills,Recognition of colours, shapes and volumes in space,Creative and constructive thoughts,Development of aesthetic sensibility,Expression capacity

    Club ItsImagical Member (WIEN)

    18/08/2016 06:30

    Super, da sogar kinderfuße hineinpassen zum stempeln

    Club ItsImagical Member (VILADECAVALLS)

    15/07/2015 08:31

    Va genial para hacer huellas de pies y manos

    Mari Carmen (MORON DE LA FRONTERA)

    06/08/2012 08:20

    Perfectas todas las tintas xl

    Fundação (PESO DA RÉGUA)

    12/07/2012 11:42

    ideal para as crianças de divertirem sem preocupações de se sujarem. lava-se muito bem.

    Club ItsImagical Member (MASSAMAGRELL)

    29/03/2012 11:15

    Club ItsImagical Member (VALDEMORILLO)

    21/11/2011 09:57

    Socio del Club Imaginarium (MADRID)

    05/09/2011 01:18

    Socio del Club Imaginarium (MADRID)

    04/09/2011 01:17

    Socio del Club Imaginarium (MADRID)

    03/09/2011 01:16

    Socio del Club Imaginarium (MADRID)

    01/09/2011 01:15

    Socio del Club Imaginarium (MADRID)

    01/09/2011 01:14

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