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AGE: From 0 months old Up to 36 months old See PRODUCT information

Subcategory: BABY FITNESS

Price: HK$1.299


Evolving gym-activity mat, stimulates baby's physical and psychomotor development, stage by stage: back, tummy time and sitting.

The little musical car attaches easily to the arches or the mat, and moves forwards and back on a special track, from which activity toys hang which awaken baby's curiosity and help to improve a number of different skills.It is portable.

Stage 1: lying face up, stimulates eye-hand co-ordination. Stage 2: lying face down on their tummy (tummy time), helps babies to hold their head up and this strengthens the neck, shoulder and upper body muscles while awakening their curiosity in everything new they see.Stage 3: Playing sitting up, promotes exploration, reinforces independence and promotes the acquisition of new skills and learning such as the principle of cause-effect.Tummy Time are activities that encourage baby to spend time lying on its tummy. These activities help to develop the neck and shoulder muscles, prevent cervical stiffness and a flattened cranium and reinforce babies' ability to roll over, sit up and crawl by themselves. Includes: 3 little cloth dolls for putting in the toy car or for hanging. 1 flower-rattle with rings. 1 large padded mirror (for hanging or on mat). Musical mode (rest and play) with ten minutes of songs and silent mode.

  • Height : 80.00cm
  • Width: 38.00cm
  • Depth: 100.00cm
Instruction manual:

Batteries not included

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