Turn your favourite pictures into art

Enjoy putting your photos together like a fantastic multicoloured puzzle


A creative, entertaining and fascinating technique

Obtain optical illusions and develop colour effects by mixing plain colour points or pixels for a totally new creative vision

What is it:

Your picture is made up of pegs of six colours: white, black, red, blue, green, yellow.

Начальный комплект PIXEL ART PHOTO включает в себя: сетку, рамку и 6000 цветных пикселей (по 1000 пикселей каждого цвета).

Buy additional colours depending on the tones in your photos with the sets of individual colours (1 set contains 400 pegs).

Point by point. Colour next to colour.

Experience a magical optical effect

How it works:

Select the photo you would like to pixelate in the app

Buy your starter kit and the additional colour sets depending on the tones in your photo** If you already have a starter kit there is no need to include it on your order.

Download and print the templates* * You will receive the image divided into nine templates and the number of pixels in each one.

Create your picture with the pegs* * Put the pixels on the base, following your templates as a guide.

Once you have completed the nine parts, attach the frame and you're done!

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